Our History

Actons Hotel Kinsale is the oldest hotel in Kinsale celebrating over 67 years in the Hospitality Industry.

The hotel was the original home of the Acton family who had settled in Kinsale in 1860 and soon developed a number of businesses in the town. In subsequent years the family bought the adjoining buildings in which Sidney Acton opened a family hotel in 1946. 

During the refurbishment period, while obviously tranforming Actons into something new, management wanted to preserve Actons natural history which suited the towns quaint air and antiquity. Whilst adding all the luxury amenities to offer a high four star standard, elements of the old building were kept to keep the buildings charm and personality. 

In 1962, Trusthouse Forte an English hotel and restaurant company purchased Actons and developed a Leisure complex in 1986, followed by a conference centre accommodating up to 300 delegates in 1988. 

The hotel was subsequently bought and managed by the Stafford Group in 1995 who then sold it to a local family in 2007. 


 'I love this place. It has old school charm with all the amenities'. 

Tripadvisor Review: June 2019

Imagery: Special thanks to local historian Dermot Ryan

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